interaction incidents & coding endeavours

No booth device

This photo booth at Winterthur main station didn’t find a boot device and asked me to press any key.

Full disk at Marrakesh

(All!) the time table screens showed this promising message “Erreur d’écecution ’61’: Disque plein”… which means “Full disk” 🙂
A visual basic application gone mad at the airport… have a nice flight!

No Playlist at the bakery

No playlist at the bakery

“Oh it happens all the time”, said the girl at this bakery in Lucerne.

Passenger information thingy pt. 2

Public bus in Winterthur again. Cascading Flash Player 7 error messages.

expensive sweets

number 10 of this sweets dispenser costs 3333.30 Swiss Francs.

no credit!
expensive sweets

seen in Winterthur, august 2008