interaction incidents & coding endeavours

Digital shopping assistant runs Windows CE

I’m definitely not an early adopter 😉
Shopping assistant self paying device at a supermarket in Winterthur.

Null Pointer Error?

this flip display at Winterthur train station seems to have a null pointer error.

Passenger information thingy pt. 1

On a public bus in winterthur. The screen normally shows information about the next stops. This looks like a Halt though. Bad image quality, sorry.
It’s an app that crashed… “Siemens.MFD.MFDController.exe” oh, and a windows-bubble is there too.

GifAnimation Processing Library

GifAnimation is a processing library to play and export gif animations.

Pollock In Action on Spiegel.de

http://km42.spiegel.de/home/index.php?directid=77 has a video with some making-of scenes of “Pollock In Action”