interaction incidents & coding endeavours

Pollock In Action

“Pollock In Action” is an interactive installation to create drip paintings with light. It is part of the project “Art-Transforming” which was shown in the Kunsthaus Zürich on January 27th 2007.

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Blogosphere Browser

The subject of the pre-diploma project was “internet in a museum”. Every student had to develop a concept of an installation that helps the visitor to understand the internet.

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ATM with a scary Taskbar

This ATM at Winterthur has a crowded taskbar. Windows 2000?!


In the project “Hardware Interface Design” I was looking for new GPS applications.
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Decoding Space

The project “Decoding Space” was about decoding a public, urban space and transcribing it to a virtual 3D-Space. The given subject was the main bus station in Zürich. One aspect of the station had to be analysed and visualized.

I was especially interested in all the rhythms existing in the area of the bus station: time-tables, opening hours, cleaning intervals, etc. First I tried to find a system to visualize every thinkable rhythm. I find several solutions, described in the project documentation.

Finding shapes:
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