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Pollock In Action

“Pollock In Action” is an interactive installation to create drip paintings with light. It is part of the project “Art-Transforming” which was shown in the Kunsthaus Zürich on January 27th 2007.

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Blogosphere Browser

The subject of the pre-diploma project was “internet in a museum”. Every student had to develop a concept of an installation that helps the visitor to understand the internet.

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In the project “Hardware Interface Design” I was looking for new GPS applications.
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Decoding Space

The project “Decoding Space” was about decoding a public, urban space and transcribing it to a virtual 3D-Space. The given subject was the main bus station in Zürich. One aspect of the station had to be analysed and visualized.

I was especially interested in all the rhythms existing in the area of the bus station: time-tables, opening hours, cleaning intervals, etc. First I tried to find a system to visualize every thinkable rhythm. I find several solutions, described in the project documentation.

Finding shapes:
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Simulation System

In the course “Simulation Systems” every student had to develop an autonomous agent. These agents lived in a given environment programmed in Macromedia Director. Fixed rules existed, e.g. the amount of energy used to move the agent; distance of sight, and so on.
My agent is called “Saufant”. It is quite successfull in finding food, especially in finding paths. It is very curious about everything it sees or hears. It has a memory of things it has seen already and choses its routes accordingly. If 2 Saufants meet, they share information about the world, e.g. where are the foods?
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