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1. place the folder "bluetoothDesktop" into Processings libraries folder.

2. If your on Windows or Linux, go to step three. If your on OS X, read the stuff on the right side.

3. done. try the examples!



(4. And if it does not work, ask in the processing forum)

How to get a JSR-82 implementation?

bluetoothDesktop now includes a snapshot release of the bluecove 2.0.2 JSR-82 implementation which has OS X support. I have not yet tested everything, but the basic examples work. If you have problems with it, there's also a not free/opensource JSR-82. Get a 14-days trial here:
After trial this costs 25.-EUR. Avetana works good on Tiger, Leopard, Win & Linux.

After download, place the avetanaBluetooth.jar into
<processing>/libraries/bluetoothDesktop/library/and change the export.txt accordingly.